Check Continuous Internet Connection Using Python

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We will take a look at the different methods using which one can check from internet connection using Python In Windows, Linux or MAC.

1. To Check Connection

We will use socket to check internet connection. The given code will check for internet once, only when the function is called.

Let's First Look at the code and then will explain each line of code.

  import socket
  def check_internet():
           socket.create_connection(("" ,53))
          return True
      except OSError:
      return False

The first line just imports socket package. Then we define a function named check_internet that uses a try/catch block to work.

We try to create a connection using socket.create_connection that takes host and port as s tuple. Then we can pass additional parameters like timeout in this case.

If the connection is successful, then we simply return True, indicating that an internet connection is present else when we encounter an OSError, we simply return False indicating that no internet connection is present.

For Better functionality and relaibility, you should use your own domain's host.

2. To Continuously Keep Checking Internet Connection

The approach here will be little different, but we will be simply extending the above code to get our job done. let's first look at the code and then we will explain it.

  from multiprocessing import Process
  import socket
  import time 
  def check_internet():
      while True:
              socket.create_connection(("" ,53))
          except OSError:
  if __name__ == '__main__':
      new_process = Process(target = check_internet)

In the first three lines we import multiprocessing, socket and time packages.

we again define the check_internet function, and in there we use an infinite while loop to run the code continuously. But there, instead of actually running the code continuously, we are using time.sleep to stop the process for some given time so as to throttke down CPU usage. we use the same create_connection method from socket library to check internet.

NOTE : The time.sleep method accepts parameter in seconds. To pass 100 milliseconds use 0.1.

In the last 4 lines, we check if the current module is run directly. If yes then we run the function as a Process.You can learn more about multiprocessing here.